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Get the best data roaming with Carwiz and the Yesim app!

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Get the best data roaming with Carwiz and the Yesim app!

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No trip is complete without working internet. We all want to be able to do everything with a few clicks, without having to pay for expensive roaming or other unfavourable mobile operator conditions. Clients who rent vehicles from Carwiz can now use the Yesim mobile Internet application

One of the most functional eSIM applications in the world, it allows you to quickly and easily connect to mobile internet in 138 countries. Simply scan the QR code you received earlier ( or in your Carwiz vehicle), and download the app, which allows you to access high-speed internet without paying for roaming. You'll still be using your network for calls while using the Yesim app for mobile Internet, so you can switch between your existing SIM cards and the Yesim mobile internet apps. From now on, you can travel without changing SIM cards, paying for roaming, or looking for open wi-fi. 

This is yet another option offered to Carwiz customers in order to provide them with a one-of-a-kind user experience, excellent service, and dependable car rentals at affordable prices, which is the main guiding thought of Carwiz. We have now added data international data roaming to the list!

Simply download the app and have fun creating new experiences wherever you go.

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